Get Cozy With Nordstrom

Brrrr! Time to pull your coats out. With a cold front upon us we're on the hunt for a stylish, new coat and Top Shop at Nordstrom is the place to find it! We've combed through and picked out our favorites we'd just love to add to our closets. From dusters, to faux furs, to parkas, they have something affordable for every style to keep you warm this winter. While you're at it get started on that Christmas gift shopping we know you're behind on!

Happy Shopping

The Heiresses


  1. Affordable?? Are you kidding me? And this coming from two girls who claim to be godly. Maybe you should worry less about styling tips and more about acting like good Christians. Take that frivolously spent money and actually put it to good use. Buy coats for CHILDREN THAT NEED THEM. Not expensive coats that you want for yourselves. Maybe donate that money to a food bank, or a homeless shelter. You two really ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You are some of the biggest hypocrites I have had the displeasure of stumbling upon. When I came across your blog, I had hope that it would be a tasteful, godly blog. Instead, I see a majority of what you type about being clothes, with an odd Bible verse or two thrown in. I can officially say that I am disgusted.

  2. So because you are a Christian you can't use your hard earned money to buy clothes that you like? As someone who works in retail, these are very reasonably priced coats. I've sold coats up to $1,000.00 or more. I'm sure the authors of this blog are very generous people; how do you know they don't donate money to charity, etc? People who work in the apparel/retail industry rely on money made from selling these coats to survive as well. I think its very courageous of them to write about their faith on their style blog as well. Not everyone does that for fear of losing sponsorship or being accepted in the fashion world. So please stop judging people you know nothing about.