Jump for Julep: How To Winterize Your Nails

I have a confession to make: I am a habitual nail and cuticle picker. Chalk it up to a nervous habit, but I can't seem to kick it no matter what I do. Winter is the worst time because my skin is so dry despite my constant application of hand creams. I need major help to keep my nails and hands looking top notch so I was excited when I came across Julep's "How to Winterize Your Nails", which offers great tips and products to use. 

I'm also in love with the winter trend colors they suggest. There is a broad spectrum, from the darkest of darks to pretty, pale pinks to sparkly neutrals.

Thanks to Julep, I have all the right products, tools and colors at my fingertips! Check out their site to shop all the nail colors they offer and keep your nails looking fresh all year long.

Photography by Justin James

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