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Summer is just around the corner so if you haven't already, ladies, it's time to embrace the fact that you can no longer hide your (unshaven) legs and (unpainted) toes under jeans and boots. We know sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about all the maintenance it takes to be "summer ready" so we are going to share some insightful tips and products we hope make things a little easier!

For starters, you always want to exfoliate and moisturize daily. The easiest way to do this is buy a loofah or bath gloves for the shower and use a nourishing body wash like Method Pure Naked in Magnolia which not only provides moisture and a great scent, it contains no chemicals and is planet friendly. If you need extra exfoliation, try out a body polisher like Fat Girl Scrub by Bliss. Follow up with a lightweight body lotion or oil while your skin is still a little damp from showering.

Here are a few ways to step it up a notch this summer:

For legs, use a sunless tanner or airbrush spray to achieve and maintain sun-kissed color. If you prefer a daily lotion, you'll want something like St. Tropez gradual tanner but if you need instant color reach for the can of airbrush and go! Not a fan of sunless tanners? Try a body oil (Neutrogena has a great one that you can buy at any drugstore for $10.) The great thing about oil is that your legs will not only be moisturized but will have a hint of shine too! 

For toes,  Clarisonic created an entire line of products for your feet which is a great substitute (and potential money saver) for consistent pedicures. Choose a bright, summery nail polish. There are so many great brands and colors out there to choose from! If you're an all natural type gal, Dior's Healthy Glow is perfect for you because it's a clear polish but it makes the pink pinker and the white whiter giving you an enhanced natural nail look. This summer, we are experimenting with different shades of nude and changing it up with bright colors like yellow and blue to keep things interesting. 

Pictured below are products we're currently obsessing over or wanting to try. What are some of your favorite summer products or beauty tricks? We'd love to know!

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