It's Been A Whorl

Since moving to Colorado I’ve made incredible friendships with other bloggers, boutique owners, photographers and the like. I’ve been here just over two months, yet it feels like I’ve already been here for a year! Although it seems I had made the abrupt choice to move here, I've been contemplating living in Colorado since I graduated college 5 years ago. Every year I would tell myself (and others), “This is the year!” but due to life, sentimentality and fear, I would never make that jump. I had finally been prompted to make that change when my I realized my whole family would be there full time and my supportive best friend, Morgan, told me she didn’t want me to have any regrets by not doing it.

I’m here to say that it’s not at all what I expected it to be and it's the best decision I could have made. Let me explain. Packing up, I envisioned I would be hiking daily, enjoying the gorgeous surroundings and taking a break from the Dallas attitude of needing to keep up with the Joneses. To all of our surprise that’s not what it has been. My dad got injured just days before we left, horrible storms began and I was left thinking, “What have I done? God, this is not what I thought it would be like!” I most definitely believe this move is what God wanted from me. What I hadn’t realized was that not all things God asks of you are going to turn out exactly how you envisioned them but that doesn’t make it any less from God. For me to have moved here with no promising career, live with my parents and basically start from scratch sounded incredibly irresponsible and if I'm honest, that kind of thing was fine for other people but not people “like me” that had worked so hard to make someone out of myself. How self-centered right? This has been an incredibly humbling experience and for the 1,000th time God has showed me how he takes care of me and loves me for who he has made me and not what I have accomplished.

I have fallen in love with Colorado. There is a sense of community among everyone always supporting local and it truly is breathtaking to wake up to the mountains. What a humbling, scary-fun experience this has been thus far! I’m grateful to those who supported this decision, and I want to encourage anyone who is making a decision they feel God wants them to make but may be too fearful to make the change. Be open to change and your expectations not being met because there just may be something greater you weren’t expecting that God had planned all along.

Hat, button-down, skort and fringe clutch all from the fabulous boutique, Whorl, in Denver, CO. Upon arrival that quickly became a favorite boutique of mine, showing me kindness and giving me and the other bloggers fun things to do with all their great parties! Their boutique has a showroom feel with their minimalist decor and style. Great every day pieces for looking sharp and stunning. I love mixing feminine cuts to masculine inspired style, so this outfit had me feeling like a boss lady ready to do some business!


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  1. What an excellent example about stepping out in faith and trusting God in the uncertainty. Love that we are hear together. PS. Your outfit is awesome and your smile even better!!