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Jewelry, socializing AND charitable giving? That's one amazing girls' night out! Brooke Reynolds, founder and Chief Giving Officer of Socialite Pink, has combined all of that into one sparkly company. Brooke left her 8 year career as a commercial real estate attorney to start the business of her dreams. Socialite Pink is a social selling jewelry company based in Dallas that uses style to raise funds for charities. Socialite Pink Stylists sell the company's original jewelry collections at Trunk Shows hosted by individuals or organizations. The Host of a Trunk Show then gets to choose a charity to support with a portion of the sales! We love Socialite Pink's giving heart and its gorgeous jewels. We interviewed Brooke to learn more about her journey from lawyer to social entrepreneur.
Pair of Heirs: What were your emotions like transitioning from being a lawyer to being a jewelry designer?

Brooke: My biggest challenge during this transition was learning to enjoy the journey rather than fixate on the destination. Focusing on getting to the end goal led to some really stressful moments. I had to learn that starting a business is a marathon, not a sprint. There are very few overnight successes. Businesses take time to build and grow, mostly because you're learning and growing at the same time. I had to learn to enjoy each step and celebrate the small milestones. You have to have faith that each step is leading you somewhere amazing!
POH: How did you come up with the name Socialite Pink?

B: A “Socialite” is a woman of distinction, means, style and influence. She’s always on the social scene and hosts her own exclusive events. She typically uses all of these assets to support a charity that she’s particularly passionate about. She often uses social fashion events, like fashion shows and auctions, to raise money for her causes. That’s EXACTLY what Socialite Pink is all about! A  Hostess invites her network of fashion-loving women to an exclusive, invitation only Trunk Show that’s really a mini style fundraiser! While her guests are socializing and connecting, they’re also shopping and helping her raise money for a charity that she loves. I chose the word “Pink” because GIRLS ROCK!! I am so proud that this is a company by women, for women that’s creating real good in the world.
POH: Where do you see Socialite Pink a year from now?

B: I'm so excited about what's ahead for Socialite Pink! We've recently opened our Stylist program. Now any woman can earn income on her own terms while also following her passion to help give back! We have such a fabulous group of women and we're just getting started! My vision for Socialite Pink is for it to become a billion dollar, women-powered force for good in the world. I want to continue delighting our customers with gorgeous and versatile jewelry, supporting women entrepreneurship with our Stylist business and inspiring charitable giving. I see Socialite Pink as a shining example of what can happen when strong women come together around one idea: Giving is a good thing.
POH: What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

B: I call Socialite Pink the company of my wildest imaginations. SP was born out of one simple question: If I could do anything in the world, what would that be? Everything about my job is something I love and I’m excited to get up each morning to get working! One of my favorite aspects of Socialite Pink is all of the dynamic women I’ve met of all ages and backgrounds. Every time I do a Trunk Show, I have the pleasure of meeting 8 to sometimes 35 women. I’ve made so many new friends and business contacts. I’m excited that our Stylists will all get that same opportunity and they’ll help us create an entire community of supportive, creative and powerful women that love jewelry and giving back!

POH: What’s your personal advice to someone else wanting to start their own business?

B: I think the most important thing is for you to have a plan. Everyone's situation is different and may require a different timeline before making the transition. My plan included working part-time as a lawyer for about a year before finally quitting. I would also strongly recommend that you do a lot of research on both running a start-up company and on your particularly industry. When you make the transition, you want to be able to hit the ground running so learn as much as you can before then. Finally, just jump in! It'll never feel like the right time or that you have everything in place. You really have to just make the decision to go for it!
We've so enjoyed getting to know Brooke and love that her heart for the Lord is the foundation for everything she does. She is such an inspiration to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and we hope you'll check her company out! We're also thrilled to announce that Brooke has graciously offered to give away 3 beautiful pieces of jewelry to one lucky winner... stay tuned on our Instagram for the details. Oh, and speaking of Instagram, Socialite Pink is offering promo codes for 40-50% off merchandise starting today!

Look 1: Luna necklace $108 | Daphne earrings $24 | Gabriella bracelet $38 | Sheila bracelet $39 | Audrina bracelet $39 
Look 2: Rudy earrings $16 | Endless Possibilities necklace $138 | Kendall (gold) bracelet $59

Photography by Justin James

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