Patterns & Pink

Earlier in the summer I was approached by the super girl duo of Patterns & Pop, Brittany and Lindsay. They asked if I wanted to be a part of a photo shoot collaboration that would include other local bloggers and Denver Style Magazine. Of course I said "yes"! I thought how fun that would be to hang out with some like-minded girls and play dress up. What I didn't realize was just how much fun I would have and how utterly pampered I would be. 

Usually I don't wear outfits that I don't style myself because I want to wear an outfit that articulates my taste, but when I showed up this outfit is what they had pulled for me and it couldn't have been more me! No, no I do not have any tulle skirts but I WANT IT! They managed to style me adorably retro with a little punch of edginess. The rich blue crop top paired with this orchid colored skirt is both feminine and wild. 

Okay I have to comment on how awesome my brows look. I know, that sounds shallow BUT I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to brows (ask Morgan) so when Matthew Morris's makeup artist started working on them I was  thrilled to actually understand the phrase "eyebrows on fleek." 

MY HAIR Y'ALL. Kelby is a fabulous stylist at Matthew Morris Salon and he certainly spent some time on my hair that morning. I thought to myself, "This is what Bey must feel like on a daily bey-sis." The babes all had gorgeous blonde, brunette and black hair so hey, why not be the granny in the bunch. Kelby toned my hair a slate gray to give me a beautiful "granny-glam" look. The top half turned out more gray while the bottom was still blonde so we dubbed the new style, Grombre'...all the rage. How he styled my hair with the Pompadour and knotted mohawk gave me a girly-rocker vibe. The ladies and gents of MM Salon and Patterns & Pops didn't use me as a model but really did care about having my personality and style shine which is the best part of awesome brands collaborating together!

As we were getting ready, one by one we each had a video interview with Denver Style Magazine (check out mine HERE!). People, these guys are everywhere! Every party worth going to, they are there and they know about it beforehand! If you live in the Denver metroplex or are planning to travel here, start following their site and Instagram for the latest in events and obviously, fashion! I've only lived here for nearly 5 months and in that time they have been so kind and supportive as we both are trying to help build the fashion industry in this fast growing city.

Once we were all finished getting ready, Alison Su and her assistant took each of us out to a location that best matched our looks. She is so talented, adorable and professional! I love that she knew exactly what she needed and used the time most efficiently to get great shots of each of us. She's makes it even easier for us with her guidance and positive vibes! 

Above is a group shot of all the gorgeous girls I spent the morning getting to know. When I say gorgeous I mean down-to-earth, hilarious, radiant, genuinely awesome babes. A few you may know and a few may be a great Friday treat to have found! Babes from left to right: Me (duh), Hannah Sanders @HannahsaWildParty, Abby Miller with Denver Darling, Lacey Spruce with My Boring Closet, Jolene Angel & Desire Falk with Darling be Daring, Mallory Sauer with Sweet & Sauer, and Emma Walker with With A City Dream.

Styled by the awesome girls of Patterns & Pops

Beautiful photography by Alison Su Photography

The greatest makeup and fierce brows by Matthew Morris Salon Denver

My gorgeous "granny glam" hair by @kelbyvon 

Bangin' jewelry donated by Apricot Lane Centennial

We hope you have a fantastic Friday and a blessed weekend! 


Hannah & Morgan


  1. You are the CUTEST. Loved this day so much! And your hair...ummm perfection!

    xo Lacey

  2. Great pics, I absolutely love the hair!


  3. These pictures turned out so amazing of everyone and I especially loved your outfit! Everything including the hair & makeup is amazing!

  4. Thank you girls! It really was one of the most fun days so far here in Denver! I had such a great time getting to know the other bloggers and who doesn't love getting their hair and make up done?! Hope you ladies are having a wonderful day!