5 Tips on Identifying Your Personal Style

Write Out Your Daily Routine
Before you go shopping write out your schedule for every day throughout the week. Your schedule will determine what outfits you will need to add. Do you work a 9-5 job and need more work/evening transitional outfits? Do you meet friends for brunch regularly and need chic, casual outfits? Maybe you attend social gatherings every weekend so you need to add more sophisticated dresses. There may be styles or looks you like but if they don’t match your schedule then they will hang in your closet and won’t get worn.

Identify What Outfit You Currently Own Makes You Feel Your Best
What matters most in your style is what makes you feel your best. If you’re uncomfortable then it will show and you won’t enjoy your wardrobe. What will help you determine your style is what you enjoy wearing! If there are certain styles or materials you don't like wearing, those pieces will just hang in your closet taking up space. Notice, is there a certain color you feel vibrant in? The goal is for you to never say I have nothing to wear with a full closet again.

Create A Pinterest Board with Inspiration
Gather inspiration from celebrities, bloggers and clothing brands that you like. You’ll be able to see a pattern in styles and outfits that you like by creating a board. Having it curated in one place will help you while you clean out your existing closet and decide to shop.

Identify Your Budget
You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have an expensive looking wardrobe. Before you can begin freshening up your wardrobe, determine your budget. This will help you decide where to shop and how much money to allocate to new pieces. Some items like a coat, new jeans, a handbag, you may want to spend more money- new pair of flats, costume jewelry, basic t’s you can spend a more modest amount.

Hire A Stylist
Now what? You know what you like, you know how you want to present yourself, but you don’t know where to go. You ask yourself, does this fit? I want to minimize blank, what’s the best style for that? Take what you’ve found about yourself and give it to a stylist! It’s not her job to create your look but to bring your uniqueness out in your style! Work together to create a wardrobe that compliments you and makes you feel your best.

If you're in the Denver area, email Hannah at Info@styledbyhannahmoon.com for information about working with a stylist and to get a quote on updating your wardrobe.


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