Sharp in Stripes

I've always been a fan of bright colored outfits. However, living in Colorado, when I get dressed in the morning I skip over my brightly patterned blouses for a more subtle "cool" piece like a loose fitted button down or tee. 

As a woman with smaller shoulders and wider hips, I realized how slimming wide leg jeans make my figure. Instead of wearing skinny jeans (our culture go-to) I've been opting out for my favorite pair of wide leg jeans from Bebe that bring balance to my curvy hips and create a more slender look. 

I've always been partial to a "boyfriend" look. Lately I've been throwing on my Husband's Citizen watch for an extra masculine accessory and as a sweet gesture, repping my main man. 

This look would be great if you work in a casual atmosphere or if you have a luncheon during the week. Not to mention this hat gives a cool look and lets you go one more day without washing your hair. 


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