Chic in Champagne

I loved wearing this dress to my cousin and fellow blogger, Rebecca's, wedding. I felt so chic, so elegant and the best part is that it has pockets! This dress, along with the other bridesmaids dresses, were ordered from Weddington Way. It's a great platform that makes it easy for brides and their maids to find, customize and order their dresses. Each dress is handmade to your measurements which is great if it's difficult for you to find something to fit your body. Rebecca, being the great fashionista she is, picked out a dress for each of us girls to look at and she nailed my style! The only issue is that none of the dresses are qued until each girl purchases hers, so make sure all the ladies are ready to buy so it doesn't hold up the dress making processes. 

I ordered my dress and received it within 6-9 weeks. They did a great job creating it to my body. My initial thought was that the skirt had too much fabric making it a bit poofy but then (the day of the wedding) I realized it had pockets so the extra fabric made sense! I told them my height and the length with a pair of 4 inch heels was the perfect length. 

This is such a simple, elegant dress I know I'll be able to wear it for other occasions! I'm not the girliest in my fashion but this bow on the collar is the sweetest detail to this graceful gown.

To her wedding I paired it with champagne colored heels but for a fun edge I added animal print heels!


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