Diversity in Denim

I'm from the generation of the skinny revolution. For some reason when we started wearing skinnies it was like no other denim existed. Finally over the past couple years, we started venturing back to wide leg pants, flares, trousers and now, cropped! I always thought that skinny jeans must make me look skinny but it wasn't until I tried on a wider leg that I realized it slimmed up my hips. Now I'm hardly a fan of skinnies at all. We've preached on flares before on a previous post, and here I am again, showing a phenomenal pair of wide legged jeans by AG in a nice medium wash for day time. 

I love this outfit because it's a clean, 70's look with a white, bell sleeve top and tan tote. I'd love to wear this look any given day. All of the pieces in this outfit are from a great boutique I found in Louisville, CO. The boutique, Eleanor, is a beautiful shop with functional, high-quality pieces that can be worn through seasons and years to come. Too often boutiques focus on the latest trends, buying only "fast-fashion" pieces that either fall apart or are "old news" before you get your use out of them. The owner of Eleanor, Tracy, fills her shop with beautiful neutrals, minimal patterns so you know it's a place where you and your mother can both find something you have to add to your wardrobe! 

Didn't know there was a variety of denim and you need more in your style for a well-rounded wardrobe? You probably have 10 pair of jeans and they're nearly all the same? I challenge you to try them all on, consign the ones that don't fit you best and add in a variety to help create new looks!

Here are some of my current favorites to shop:

Shop this look:


  1. Hi Hannah,
    I love how you created such a nice outfit with clean simple pieces. The flares for sure are a trend now and you are rocking it.

    1. Thank you Richa! I love how you can look put together and chic with just a few simple pieces! Easy and effortless. Thank girl, I love a great flare. Have an amazing day!

  2. What a great outfit!! I look forward to shopping at Eleanor with you!

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